Quick Start

Getting started

Integrating Debitsuccess into your platform can begin as soon as you contact us, requiring only a few steps:

  1. Contact us via the Debitsuccess website.
    One of our Business Development Managers will be in touch with you. You will then receive an email with credentials and endpoint details for the sandbox environment.

  2. Obtain your API keys to the Debitsuccess sandbox environment so that we can authenticate your API requests.

  3. Review the use cases to determine which are the most suitable APIs to use for your business.

  4. Build and test your integration in our sandbox environment.

  5. Review your integration with the Integration Support Team
    If you process customer sign-ups we will need to ensure your sign up process is compliant with the Direct Debit requirements.

  6. Go live in the Debitsuccess production environment.
    We will provide you with live credentials and details of the live endpoint.



The sandbox is a test environment that is almost identical to our production environment. Use the Sandbox environment for development and test our APIs. Our Integration Support Team can guide you in identifying the most appropriate APIs components suitable for your requirements.

After you apply for your own sandbox environment, you will receive a welcome email containing your ClientID, Client Secret, and Business Account ID (Contract Prefixes) for REST APIs also UserName and Password to test our SOAP APIs.
The welcome email will also include login credentials for the sandbox Debitsuccess Self Service Web Portal and Online Management Gateway (OMG) API. Use the Self Service Web Portal to verify that accounts have been uploaded through the web service is successful. The online management gateway API allows you to create account templates. The account templates can be used to create customer data via the Online Management Gateway web application.

Our web service endpoint supports TLS 1.2 security protocols and higher.


Use the Production environment to run your live system. Before you go live with the integration you should contact our Integration Support Team to get the integration validated to ensure it meets the Direct Debit compliance requirements. You will be provided with a new set of credentials for the live system once compliance requirements have been met.

Comparison of Environments

Functional Parameters






Payment methods accepted

Bank Account, MasterCard, Visa, American Express

Bank Account, MasterCard, Visa, American Express

Self Service



Payment Processing Times

Payment process times are scheduled for Australia and New Zealand.

  • Billing is processed daily for Credit card and Direct Debit but the processing time may vary

  • Reversals for Direct Debit takes 3 days to clear and the Credit card the same day

Login Credentials

Use the ones shared for the sandbox environment

Credentials for accessing our live environment are different from the sandbox environment

Payment Processing Times

In the sandbox environments (oc-test) there are a number of processes that run to simulate what happens in the production environment, these processes are listed below:

All times listed below are in New Zealand Standard Time (NZST).



Reversals/Bank Import



Every 1 hour between 8 am and 8 pm-midnight

Every 2 hours between 8:10 am and 12 midnight

Daily 6 pm

New Zealand

Every 2 hours between 8 am and 12 midnight

Testing Data

For testing our APIs we have provided a list of card numbers that return specific response messages.



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