Debitsuccess provides integration with Salesforce, by maintaining a one-to-one relationship between Debitsuccess customer records and Salesforce accounts, the integration keeps both systems up-to-date.

Key Features

  • Setting Up a New Customer with a Debitsuccess Plan

  • Setting Up a New Customer Account

  • Setting-Up Payment Terms

  • Generating a Debitsuccess DDR Link

  • Enrolling on a Payment Plan (OMG Registration)

  • Retrieving Customer Account Information from Debitsuccess

  • Cancelling and Regenerating a DDR Link

  • Checking Accounts in Salesforce and Debitsuccess

  • Updating Customer Information

  • Checking Customer Balance in Salesforce

  • Cancelling a Payment Plan

Debitsuccess-Salesforce Installation and Set-up

Using Debitsuccess App in Salesforce Classic

Using Debitsuccess App in Salesforce Lightning



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