How do I get a test account?

Talk to your account manager or business development manager. We will then create a set of credentials for our sandbox environment.

What host URL do I connect to for test and production?

Test Environment: https://oc-test.debitsuccess.com

Production Environment: https://oc.debitsuccess.com

Do I use the same URL for both NZ and Australian clients/customers?

Yes. For testing your application against Debitsuccess web-services, you can use the following URL for Australian and New Zealand facilities: https://oc-test.services.debitsuccess.com/DSWebService/

What payment methods does Debitsuccess support?

We support Bank account transfer (direct debit), and accept the following cards: Visa, Master Card, Amex on request. For more information see, Payment Methods Supported.

What technology does Debitsuccess web service run on?

The Debitsuccess API is a SOAP-based web service, written in .NET using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). Authentication is done by specifying username and password parameters in each call. The web service requires that the OS supports TLS 1.2 protocol or later.

How do I find out what changes to the web services are coming up or have been deployed?

Any changes to the APIs will be listed in the REST and SOAP change history. Major upcoming changes will be listed on the future changes page. We will typically deploy into the test environment before pushing a change into production.

In the test environment will I see payments being processed for accounts?

Yes, scheduled payments will be processed by a simulated billing process throughout the day. Use a web-service call to get payments for the account(s) or use our Self-Service application which is available in oc-test as well to view payments that have been processed.

How do I control the outcome of a payment?

Only pre-approved test credit card and bank numbers should be used as a payment method for simulating particular outcomes, see Data for Test Environment.

How do I find out what fees will be charged to a customer when they sign up?

Fees for onboarding customers and processing payments will be agreed upon with you when you sign up with Debitsuccess. From an integration point of view, you can see what fees will be charged by using the GetFacilityAccountConfiguration message (establishment fees and penalty fees) and the GetCommissionConfiguration message (commission charged for a payment). After the account has been created, you can check the fees charged to the customer by calling GetCustomerAccountWithFeesByAccountId. The Debitsuccess fees will be included under DSFeeSchedules element.

Who do I contact with any implementation questions?

Please reach out to our integration experts who will assist you through your integration journey.

When I have completed dev/test in the test environment, how do I move to production and is there a certification process?

Before you go live with the integration it is recommended to contact our Integration Support Team to get the integration certified to ensure it meets the PCI compliance requirements. You will be provided with a new set of credentials for the live system once PCI or banking requirements have been met.

Can I get notification of new accounts, new payments, changes to account status etc via webhook?

Currently, only real-time payment webhooks are supported. Also PayNow support webhooks for capturing payment details https://debitsuccess.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DDE/pages/1226114462.

Can I check account/payment details and update accounts in the test environment without using web services?

You can use Debitsuccess self-service application working in OC-Test environment to check payments details and update account details as needed, view analytics and much more.

What happens after a customer is signed up?

After the customer is signed up, a welcome email is sent with the details of the payment, the customer’s reference number (Debitsuccess ID) and PDF of the Contract. The welcome email also includes the link to our Customer Portal which allows them to view their payment history, contract information, and manage accounts.

When do I get payed out? What information is included in the payout report?

Payouts are run every Wednesday and the corresponding report is emailed to all businesses on the same day.  Funds are also deposited into your business’ nominated account on Wednesday but depending on the bank may not clear on the same day. The payout report includes a summary of the payments and ad-hoc client-related reports.

When are payments made on public holidays and weekends processed?

Scheduled payments are not processed over the weekend or public holidays. These transactions are picked up in the next working day for processing. Real-time payments are always processed immediately.


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