Terms and Definitions

There are a number of terms used within Debitsuccess to refer to entities or concepts managed by the business. Sometimes there are a number of different terms commonly used to describe the same entity.

The reason for this can be partially explained in terms of Debitsuccess’s history and the fact that Debitsuccess provides services to a number of commercial sectors, each of which have their own sets of terminology. Where more than one term is in common use, they are listed in the headings of the following sections. The first term listed is used consistently in this document.

The following entities and concepts are, where appropriate, illustrated using code snippets which are simplified C#.


A term used in Debitsuccess system which is the contract of our client with their customers.

Add-on Account

An add-on account is not a primary account holder, but an additional account linked to the primary one, prevalent in a family sign up scenario.

Administration Fees

Debitsuccess charges an administration fee, this can either be absorbed by the Customer (Client Pays) or Business (Facility Pays).  This is set up when you sign a Management Agreement with Debitsuccess.

If you don’t want to charge an admin fee (e.g. for a promotion), you must write: “Do Not Charge Admin Fee” in the Special Conditions section of the contract.  This will result in the admin fee to be charged back to the business via your payout.  If you are using OMG, this can be automatically set up in the individual OMG Account Template.

Audit Trail

Each Account has an Audit Trail which details all changes that have been made to the information held about an Account.


Process of collecting payments from the customer.

Call History

Each Account has a Call History which details all communications with a Customer about their Account made by Debitsuccess customer services or credit control functions

Cancel with final payment on dd/mm/yy

Cancel account with final payment on the date you have requested

Cancel straight down

Cancel immediately with no further payments.  Advise if the customer is to pay any outstanding fees or if penalty fees are to be charged back.


An additional amount to a customer’s regular payment that contributes towards their overdue payments

Casual Payment

A casual payment is a real-time payment but where the payment is linked to the facility and not associated with a customer account.


When a facility takes on a cost on behalf of the customer

Chargebacks (Bank Disputes)

When a customer does not recognise a payment and requests the Bank to reverse the payment


Are the health and fitness companies, insurance companies, child care centres and others. Debitsuccess manages collection and settlement for them.


Are the members of health and fitness companies, policyholders of insurance, parents of children who attend child care centres. Debitsuccess collects payments from them.

Facility Account/Business Account

A term refers to the Debitsuccess contract with our client.

Online Management Gateway

Online Management Gateway (OMG) is a Debitsuccess application used for onboarding customers remotely. With OMG’s Direct Debit Request (DDR) form, there is no need for the prospective customer to visit the business in-person, instead, a URL can be linked to any website to create a purchase.


Refers to collection request not being successful (declined payments) with corresponding reversal reason from the bank.

Payment Type

Refers to the payment type group codes such as credit card (CC for master and visa), direct debit (DD), Bpay (BP), Other credit card types (CO), paid-at-club/facility (PC) and others.


It means settling what we have collected from customers less the fees to our clients on an agreed frequency.

Penalty Fees

Any payment reversal incurs a penalty fee charged to the customer.  As a business, you can choose to have this charged back.

Refund Fees

Debitsuccess can process a refund on behalf of your business, this is charged per refund and refunds take 5-10 business days to process – leaving the account in credit may be a better option. There must be enough credit on the account to process a refund.

Payment Break

A break in a customer’s regular payment schedule where the account is not billed for a period of time. Minimum term is not extended by the duration of payment break.

Payment History

Each Account has a Payment History which details all financial transactions made against an account.

Request Initiator

A property called Request initiator is included with every request. This is an opportunity for an external system to include information on who initiated the request. For example, it may be used to identify the Consumer Company’s account manager who authorised the operation.

Every web service request provides the opportunity to include Request Initiator identification:

partial class Request { string RequestInitiator; // Optional }

Set to term

Cancel the account down after it has reached minimum term, or if outside term set to term with days notice (e.g. 30 days)


When the regular payments on an account are on hold due to a customer going on holiday or medical reasons. Suspensions can be indefinite – no end date of suspension. For more information see https://debitsuccess.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DDE/pages/1299022463.

Trust Account

A trust account is a type of bank account created by Debitsuccess that allows businesses to accept payments by debit or credit cards or bank transfers. Westpac in Australia and New Zealand and Worldpay (Vantiv) in the USA.


A User is the basic access credentials to Debitsuccess webservice. A single Consumer Company has one or more Users. Users may be restricted to subsets of Facilities and Services. The Debitsuccess Business Development Manager can arrange the Services required.

The Debitsuccess web services consist of functions which take a request object and return a response object. The response object contains success or failure of the operation and in the case of failure, some explanation for the failure. Care should be taken in external systems to manage communications exceptions such as timeouts and unreachable services.

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